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Upcoming:   Cardiff City v Newcastle United - Saturday, August 18 - 12:30   Upcoming:   Chelsea v Arsenal - Saturday, August 18 - 17:30   Upcoming:   Man City v Huddersfield Town - Sunday, August 19 - 13:30   Upcoming:   Brighton & Hove Albion v Man Utd - Sunday, August 19 - 16:00   Upcoming:   Crystal Palace v Liverpool - Monday, August 20 - 20:00   Upcoming:   Wolves v Man City - Saturday, August 25 - 12:30   Upcoming:   Man Utd v Tottenham Hotspur - Monday, August 27 - 20:00  


The Perfect Indoor Sports Day...

As you know, we’re passionate about sport but it’s not just about watching it at Barratts Club! We provide plenty of indoor sport and games to keep you and mates entertained, whether its a night out with friends, a team-building event or breaking the ice on that first date, there is no better place to enjoy the perfect indoor sports day, we can create sports day packages to suit your occasion or simply just turn up and play, ping pong, darts, shuffleboard, beer pong, golf pong, pool and snooker all wait for you to enjoy. 


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