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Upcoming:   Cardiff City v Newcastle United - Saturday, August 18 - 12:30   Upcoming:   Chelsea v Arsenal - Saturday, August 18 - 17:30   Upcoming:   Man City v Huddersfield Town - Sunday, August 19 - 13:30   Upcoming:   Brighton & Hove Albion v Man Utd - Sunday, August 19 - 16:00   Upcoming:   Crystal Palace v Liverpool - Monday, August 20 - 20:00   Upcoming:   Wolves v Man City - Saturday, August 25 - 12:30   Upcoming:   Man Utd v Tottenham Hotspur - Monday, August 27 - 20:00  

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In just a few easy steps, you can reserve your table for the big match or a bite to eat, or an area for that get together with friends and family.

Simply give us a call or drop us a message using the button below.

If you are joining us and have any specific queries or dietary requirements, our knowledgeable and friendly team will be happy to help. Feel free to advise staff with regard to the nature of your booking and we will happily recommend the best table. 

Barratts Snooker Club & Bar
Kingsthorpe Rd,
01604 721777

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